Post-subsidy Era-What Does Power Battery Enterprise Win

News source:Johnson Eletek BatteryTime:2019/3/11 15:34:27

The sales volume of new cars in China's auto market fell by 2.76% year-on-year, and most segments showed different degrees of decline. Just under a downward trend, China's new energy vehicles showed a good situation of exclusive growth, achieving an increase of 61.74%, totaling 1,256,200. Undoubtedly, with the gradual growth of the new energy vehicle market, the power battery matching amount naturally rises. However, not all power battery companies can achieve “great party”. With the decline of subsidies, the new energy automobile industry will gradually transition from policy orientation to market orientation. OEMs need to cooperate with battery suppliers to introduce long-life, long-life, low-cost, high-security products, so the cost pressure of OEMs and battery suppliers will increase. At the same time, the industry dividend will gradually gather in enterprises with strong technical strength and clear market layout.